Work and Travel program is a dream of almost all of the students. Although it may seem like an easy process, it is such a marathon with difficulties as well. I am hoping that this article will be a guide for people people who consider applying to Work and Travel program in the USA.

What is Work and Travel?

It is a youth program that allows university students to both work and travel in the United States. Thanks to the student program controlled by the US government, it provides the opportunity to live in the US for 4 months in summer and practice speaking English. You will have the freedom to travel for 30 days after the end of the work.

Participation Requirements

In order to participate in the Work and Travel program in the USA, first of all, you need to be a full-time student. You can apply if you are between 18-26 years old. At least, having an intermediate level of English is required. Besides, you need to be capable of performing the tasks specified in the job description.

How Much Does Work and Travel?

Most of the participants spend between 1500 and 2000 US Dollars during their stay in the USA. A budget of at least $ 900 to $ 1200 to cover their initial costs and deposits and meet unexpected emergencies when they arrive in the US will be enough.

How to Apply for Work and Travel?

You must register with Work and Travel through a consultant. These consultants allow you to contact and sign contracts with employers in the United States and charge you for these brokerage operations. Since it will be very difficult to get in touch with the employers in the USA, those students who will apply for WAT for the first time will need to a consultant company.

But, if you have already experienced a WAT dream and, you want to go to the USA again, you can contact your employer and request a job offer. At this point, you will need a consultant again, because you can’t participate in the program individually. Good news! As you contact your employer and find your own job, you will pay less than the standard program fee. The consultant assists you during the work permit process. There are institutions with which the consulting company you apply for is contracted. Therefore, you choose your job from the lists that the consulting companies offer. They will tell you the application process and you will receive a positive or negative response according to your English level and through interviews with employers via Skype.

When to Apply?

Registration usually begins in September and ends in April. The existing staff capacity of the jobs in the companies and the number of applications to the program may cause the registration to be filled earlier or later. Therefore, early registration is advantageous both in terms of the program fee and the ease of application. In addition, you will have more job position options.

How to Choose a Job in Work and Travel?

The work offered to students through the program belongs to the service sector. So it is not possible to do a job related to your undergraduate education. You usually work in restaurants, amusement parks, shops, hotels, ice cream, and coffee shops. Popular jobs include lifeguard, ride operator (managing toys in amusement parks), waitresses, housekeeping, cashier. Every job has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s not too difficult to find a second job when you get there. In the USA, although waiters receive low salaries as hourly wages, the tips are high, which is often known as the most money-maker job. You should note that fluent English is required.


When you participate in the program, the number of employers that arrange accommodation for you is quite small. Students often need to find their own accommodation. It is better to arrange your place before you arrive there. During your job selection process, you will see jobs from different cities. For example, in cities such as Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama and Arizona, accommodation is very cheap and sometimes free, while New York City, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Washington, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia Weekly rents will be around $ 150 – $250 because the cities of Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina are very touristy and popular.


  • Miami, Orlando-FLORIDA
  • New York City-NEW YORK
  • Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco-CALIFORNIA
  • Las Vegas-NEVADA  
  • Dallas, Houston, Arlington-TEXAS
  • Chicago-ILLINOIS

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