I have been traveling for many years as a solo female traveler. Mostly, I have experienced my journey in Europe with so many beautiful memories.
Luckily, I discovered my inner world and learned how to stay safe on the road.
Here are my tips for women who are exploring the world as a solo female traveler:

Prepare your trip

  • Determine whether you would like to travel solo or with a woman’s travel club, of which there are several good ones. Do an online search for females travel clubs. Better yet, get a recommendation from a buddy or acquaintance.
  • Make copies of all of your important identification, tickets, and itinerary and keep them in a separate place from the originals. Give your friends and family a copy. They should know places, dates and contact details for every place you’ll be.
  • If you take medication, ensure you’ve enough for the length of the trip and the few days upon arriving home. Which will give you time to refill your prescription.
  • Visit a travel supply store or browse online. Occasionally you’ll get ideas for items which will enhance your trip, like mosquito proof clothing, water purification, and hand wipes.
  • Purchase travel insurance. For as little as $1 a day, you may get emergency healthcare, medical evacuation, access to board-certified physicians, reimbursement for lost baggage and travel delay, among other stuff. Travel insurance is the best thing you can give yourself after, of course, the trip itself. A female traveling solo can practice safe travel.

Here are the tips:

  • Be culturally very sensitive to the way women dress and behave in public, particularly in Muslim countries. Locals will appreciate your efforts. You honor them by keeping to their house rules.
  • If you do not want to lose it, do not take it. Leave your good jewelry and expensive items at home. It is best to keep money on you in a concealed pack.
  • Use your instinct. Stay away from deserted areas, do not go far from your lodgings during the night and only in well-lit and frequented spots.
  • Check into reputable hotels though you may have to pay more. Typically go with a recommendation. Bed and Breakfasts are usually safe. Again, go with your gut instinct.
  • Memorize the local emergency contact details. For instance, in Italy, their 911 is 113. Roadside assistance is 116. For emergency numbers in other nations visit their website!
  • Do not tell where you are staying. You will meet lots of people who are local or tourist to hang out. If you feel uncomfortable, do not mention to anyone where you are staying. No one needs to know the name or the address of your hotel. If you are planning to meet someone, choose a central point to meet him/her.

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