The story of washing the laundry is one of the questions that must be asked at least once to everyone who travels for the long-term. How do you do your laundry? Isn’t that hard? Is it fully cleaned? We all come across questions that make you smile like you’re wearing without washing? In this article, we will explain some methods of laundry for long-term travel.

Firstly, if you are going to travel for a long time, you have to choose your clothes accordingly. Light fabrics, easy-to-dry things, products that won’t require you to wash them all the time. For example; you may need to wash fewer cotton clothes compared to polyester, of course, you may want to consider that polyester is easier to dry.


If you prefer to stay in the hostel during your travels, there is a washing machine that you can use for the cost of hostels. Even if you do not have such facilities in your hostel, there are usually laundries in the immediate vicinity. You can use a washing machine and a dryer. Of course, in such places, you usually need to take your own laundry detergent, etc. For such cases, you can keep small detergent bottles in your travel bag. Powder detergent can save your life as you can’t carry liquids sometimes when you are traveling with a backpack. Unpleasant things such as leaking or perforation of the bottle that you carry can be annoying. In order to avoid these situations, you can put powder detergent or a bar of soap in a container and take it with you before you travel, so you don’t have to buy detergent for an extra charge when you go to the laundries.

Wash Your Laundry When You Shower

If you don’t have a laundry around, or if you’re just traveling with few clothes, washing in the shower is another way. Every time you go into a shower to clean your body, you can take a few clothes that you want to wash. It is quite simple. All you need to do is to take a bar soap – it can be the same bar soap that you use for your skin- and wash your clothes like they were another part of your body… At the end of the shower, you can soap and dry your clothes one last time. This method may not make sense for many people, but you will get rid of the hassle of traveling with dirty laundry or doing laundry when you apply it regularly.

laundry drying on outdoor clothes line

Couchsurfing & Airbnb

If you use Airbnb for your travels, you can search for homes with washing machines by filtering the searches when choosing your accommodation. In these kinds of homes, the laundry price is already included and you can wash your clothes easily.

Using the Couchsurfing app, you can ask your hosts to do laundry if you are going as a guest. In Couchsurfing, We don’t think you’re going to have any problems, as this is quite possible and tolerable.

Foldable Basins

Another option is the nylon folding water wash basin. This option may be more suitable for those who camp while traveling. If you are staying in campsites, you can benefit from washing machines for a fee in most of the campsites as well as in hostels, but you do not have the possibility of using a washing machine in your area or if you plan to stay outside the campsites, nylon basins will be very useful. You can buy these basins for a small amount of money. You can wash your laundry in these basins and carry out the drying process with a simple washing rope.

nylon folding water wash basin

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