Let’s imagine that you have finally decided to travel. You have a one-way ticket. It is not clear how long you will be there. You think that you can stay there as much as the circumstances allow. Of course, after a while the money in the pocket begins to run out, perhaps you will have to return. Here, we have prepared a list of jobs so that you can stay as long as you wish in the country you want.

Teaching English

This job will, of course, vary according to the country of destination. For example, as a tourist in Asian countries, you can find places that can easily do this job, of course, I can not say the same for the United States. By teaching children English, you can earn money and extend your journey as you wish. Although every job you find will not provide you with financial benefits, it can cover things like accommodation, food. You can make your agreement according to your needs.


Bartending is a profession that has a lot of common grounds with waitressing. You can find places where you can earn your money on a daily basis, or you can also find part-time options if you only want to work in the evening. Many bars need extra employees during peak periods. It is also possible to find ads by looking at the brochures in your hostel.

Hostel Staff

You can ask if they need a person to help in the hostel you are staying in, and you can help with the work there. Sometimes you can clean the room, sometimes you can help tourists at the reception. Not every hostel will afford you, but at least they offer accommodation and food.

Selling Your Handicraft Products / Performing Art

They can be jewelry, accessories such as necklaces, earrings, prints of photos you have taken, you can also make drawings. Varieties can be increased or decreased according to your ability and interest. If you are a musician, if you can play a musical instrument, you can also earn a certain amount by making street music. There is no guarantee of this, of course, but it is still worth trying and quite enjoyable.


Being a barista is one of the professions that help in making money on the road like bartending. If you have a certificate, you can earn money as a barista around the world. You may not work in all countries by law due to a work permit, but in many countries, the doors will open.

Diving Instructor

A diving instructor is one of the coolest professions that travel in the most beautiful natural areas of the world. Of course, if you do not have a passion for this, I would not recommend that you enter this business since a lot of life will be entrusted to you during both training and dives.

Yoga Instructor

Recently, at least 3 out of 10 people are yoga instructors. Yoga training is one of the professions you can do while traveling if you are a good yoga instructor. Many yoga instructors were hired for a while without paying much attention to experience, but competition has increased significantly in recent years.

In fact, these professions, as well as many other professions, can be done while traveling. Stock video photography, social media management, website design can be added to the list as professions you can work far away from your country.


If your profession is suitable for freelance work, you don’t have to work hard. You can continue to work and travel around the world at the same time after informing your workplace and accessing a healthy internet connection. If you’r thinking about your laundries check this.


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