Apart from being more affordable, hostels have many advantages. One of them is to make friends easily in hostels.

Especially if you are a single female traveler, you can make your friends by choosing hostels as your accommodation options, and you can be involved in trips that you don’t have in your mind.

There are many kinds of rooms in hostels. You can also find only two people in a shared room, there is also a room that you share with twenty people. If making friends, making good connections is one of your priorities in your travels, you should choose one of the accommodation options where you share the same room with more people instead of two shared rooms. This is one way to make friends in hostels. More people in shared rooms, chitchat, solidarity is always at a higher level. You can take the first step of your friendships by starting to talk about where you came from, what your route is.

Shared Spaces

You can see event brochures and information in these shared places of hostels. These activities are usually held for a very low fee. You should definitely try to attend the events. Those events create a very nice environment for meeting people staying at the hostel.

Hostels’ kitchens! A hostel’s shared kitchen is one of the most shared. If you make different dishes, you will eat at the same table, and even if you are hesitant to speak, someone will talk at that table. By teaching people to say “enjoy your meal!” in your language, you can learn it in many languages and you can open a topic like this. Remember that you have something in common with the people there. All travelers like to travel. You have a lot to talk about and may also have the opportunity to get to know different cuisines in the kitchens. You can even go to someone who cooks to start a conversation with a question like ‘What are you cooking?’. Most importantly, do not give the impression that you are closed to communication. It is not possible to make friends by sitting at the dining table by phone.

Do Not Be Shy!

Above all, be open to making new friendships, meeting people. If you’re an introverted person, it’s predictable that you won’t feel very comfortable in crowded places. But, remember that hostels are places that bring together a lot of people like you. That’s why you’re all in the same hostel. Maybe you couldn’t find a place on a business trip, maybe you’re trying to keep your money in your pocket. But you’re all on the way. Be open to new people. Experience so that you can experience talking to a stranger yourself is not dangerous or bad.

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