Are you one of those who say that I don’t want to travel alone, or I can’t dare to travel abroad without anyone? If so, here some destinations for solo travelers that we have compiled for you to help as a solo traveler. You can easily enjoy the loneliness in these countries and create your own route without being dependent on anyone.

For those who decide to travel alone and for the first time, the European train line -Interrail- would be the right choice. You can create your own route and visit the most beautiful cities in Europe. On this route, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland are among the most suitable for traveling alone. There is no serious security shortage across Europe. The biggest problem that will be experienced will be minor theft problems.

Once you’ve started traveling alone, you’ll have the courage to go to other European countries along this route when you get to know yourself. Of these, northern Austria is the most recommended. As soon as you get there, you’re welcome to meet the beautiful people, the traveler-loving streets.


Iran is definitely at the top of the list of destinations for solo travelers. If you want to hitchhike and travel on a low budget, Iran will be the perfect country for this. Contrary to popular belief, Iran is a very safe country. You will feel very comfortable among the people who welcome you with their hospitality. We hear from a lot of people that Iran is not a safe country, but the possibility of a terrorist attack there is almost unlikely in our time. When you go to Iran, the only problem will be the small number of people who speak English. So if you learn the main words, the patterns you think you may need, you can communicate much healthier. Yes, we have said Iran is safe, but you should be careful about money and valuable goods by not leaving your precaution. In addition, when you get a taxi in Iran, it is very useful to ask the price in advance.

Every safe country also has very dangerous places. There are some places that I do not recommend you to visit. For example: Sistan and Baluchestan provinces in Iran.


Scandinavia is another favorite destination for solo travelers! This route includes Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Honestly, people are not as welcoming here as they are in Iran, however, you can set up your tent and sleep peacefully in almost every park. Hitchhiking is also quite easy and safe. People in all four countries are quite helpful. If you want to see nature as well as traveling alone, Scandinavia will be waiting for you with its most beautiful views and streets. It would be a good destination for solo travelers.


This country is a perfect spot with fantastic places, helpful, hospitable people for solo travelers. I should also mention that you are not alone in this country. Especially if you go to trekking routes in summer, you may encounter many solo travelers like you. This will give you an opportunity to make a lot of friendships. Iceland is also a very beautiful country in this respect. If you want to hitchhike alone, you will not encounter a problem in summer or winter. The only problem you encounter in hitchhiking in winter is that you will have to wait too long in the cold due to the fact that only a few cars pass by.

Traveling in Iceland is such a thing that when you know a few people in Iceland, you realize that nothing will ever happen to you. If you are hungry or do not have a bed to sleep, these awesome people will give you a hand. I think that the help within the country is highly developed due to geography and harsh climatic conditions. Nevertheless, you should pay a little attention to your budget. It is a bit expensive country for solo travelers.


Thailand is a safe and inexpensive destination for solo travelers. This country, which embraces you regardless of men and women, attaches great importance to equality for its people. You will meet a lot of hospitable people who want to welcome you. In addition to being a traveler-friendly country, Thailand is also suitable for the traveler’s budget. Those who want to travel alone should add Thailand to their list.

We want to help you for the best experiences in abroad with these destinations for solo travelers. If you would like to tips for solo travelers, check this.

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