Finding cheap European vacations isn’t a simple task. You can try your luck at the most famous vacation spots in the South of Spain, France, Italy, and the Greek Islands. Will you be capable to afford it? That is the key question. Clearly, these countries offer top-notch tourism. With top-notch tourism, comes top-notch expenses. If you are trying to search for inexpensive beach vacations to spend a week-long in these spots, probably you will be set back pretty penniless. Fortunately, there are several countries that are hidden gems in Europe.

Those are the places that nobody talks about, but they are definitely to be mentioned. They offer the same pristine beaches and high culture that the big names offer without the big-name costs. It took people long enough to figure it out, but the Island of Dubrovnik in Croatia is finally becoming one of the must-have places to visit in Europe. It is still a hidden gem, but make sure to go there before it becomes a full-blown hot spot and overcrowded. Looking at pictures, you really cannot tell the distinction between the shoreline and beaches of Dubrovnik with that of Italy.

The beaches are impeccable with its crystal blue waters, pearl white sand, and rocky surroundings. Even taking a photo on an inexpensive disposable camera will look like a postcard in this type of environment. It seems that Dubrovnik will be bombarded with tourists 5-10 years from now and be one of the overcrowded beauty spots in Europe. To capture him in his most pristine and carefree time, the time is now.

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