¡It must be so difficult to choose the 7 best beaches in a country like Spain! Coasts such as Cantábrico (Biscay Bay), Costa del Sol or Tropical with its corners and coves are as spectacular as those in Begur in Girona, or the quiet and hidden coves of Menorca; with monumental beaches such as Galicia or as magnificent as those of Cabo de Gata or those of Tarifa, it is almost a sacrilege to want to rank the top 7 beaches.

Of course, everyone has their own taste and likes; some people like to swim in a beach with a full of sand, another might be amazed by the cleanliness of the water, waves and the other important factors. Individuality and the subjectivity are only the things matter, just like this list. Because here, there will be only the 7 that I consider the best. Of course, I admit suggestions in the comments below, that all of you will have your own place.

And the best 7 beaches of Spain are…

1.  The beach of the Cathedrals (Catedrais Beach)

If you (would) ask me, it is the first and most important one. The beach of the Cathedrals also known as Catedrais Beach is a miracle. Not because of the quality of the water or sand, but because of the resulting monumentalism. It is a product of nature, a natural luxury that gives an absolute validity to its name. Located in Ribadeo, Galicia, the province of Lugo. 1,400 meters long beach of fine sand but in which highlights the set of cliffs and meandering roads that draw between their lunar forms.

2. Bolonia Beach

This beach is a paradise for surfers located in Tarifa, in the province of Cádiz. Yes, there is too much wind, but it is a very large area with untouched beauties, with almost 4,000 feet length and 70 meters wideness. Another reason for being there is the nearby sand dunes in the west, due to the removal of the Natural Monument. Besides, you can visit the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia.

3. La Concha Beach

It may be the best urban beach in Spain. It is located in San Sebastián, a place where you can experience one of the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine. I simply recommend you to enjoy the breathtaking views of this magnificent beach located in a bay between the mountain Igüeldo and Urgull. Besides, if you spend a few days in the city, you can find the best hotels in San Sebastián area located around the promenade that borders this beach. Can you imagine waking up with a sunrise like that?

4. Turqueta Cove (Cala en Turqueta)

Turqueta Cove is one of the most magnificent and best-known beaches in the south of Menorca. As the name suggests, Turqueta Cove is famous for its turquoise waters. It has pine woods, fine sand, and a beach bar. Although the advertisements, shooting movies, and the boats that taking tourists from one place to another are the reasons to make Turqueta more crowded each time, it is still a true Menorcan paradise hidden among the greens of its surrounding grove and the intense blue of its sea. I would like to mention Macarellata, the most famous, but in summer it is very full. There is another option Encorxada, but it is difficult to access.

5. Ses Illetes Beach, Formentera

Do not worry! I couldn’t help mentioning this dreamland. With lots of prizes, it has been the fifth best beach in the world. It is in the north of the island, and it is not as big as it seems at first glance. Crystal clear water, super fine sand, superior quality and lots of entertainment services for entertainment are the things that give it recognition.

6. Cofete Beach

It is one of the most spectacular wild beaches in the Canaries where you can have a visual feast of golden and fine sand. Located in the north of Jandia peninsula in the south of Fuerteventura. You can shelter from the crowds of the city due to its scarcity of houses, lack of paved roads. So, it won’t be wrong to call it “virgin”.  On the other hand, with its constant winds and waves, it might be tough and dangerous to swim in this ocean. In 2015, Cofete was ranked as the top 10 beaches in Europe according to TripAdvisor users.

7. Monsul Beach

When Steven Spielberg decided to shoot his film here, he thought “this is the best beach.” He left the footprints of his film scenes “Indiana Jones” here. Monsul beach is located in an idyllic setting in Cabo de Gata. This beach is a fine sandy bay about 4 kilometers from Níjar, the town of San José.  Its water is in good quality and it is quite shallow, so the kids can swim easily. The mountain that reaches the beach is another advantage of the beach. Therefore, its shadow protects from the sun. Enjoy your sunbath!

Of course, this list may vary according to the personal taste of everyone. If you have different thoughts, please don’t forget to comment below.

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